Kawasaki ER5

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Kawasaki ER5

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Any previous owners out here ?

If so, any particular problems to watch out for ? Poor finish is a given, more concerned if there are any expensive mechanical 'gotchas' to look out for.

Reason for asking ?

Last year, I rebuilt a 1972 CB175. Since then, that scene has gone ridiculous, everyone seems to be competing for a shrinking pool of bikes and parts. Folks with more cash than sense, doing perfect restorations at any cost, or the 'café racer' pillocks, butchering decent old bikes into unrideable death traps.

So there's little chance of me doing one of those bikes again. I'm thinking of fast forwarding a few years, and the ER5 looks as though it'd fit the bill. Cheap parts, reliable 500 twin for cruising around on, reasonable basis for a custom (re)build.

Still got the Hornet of course, plenty fast enough for this old giffer.

Any Suggestion Would be appreciate.

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